To maintain an effective and efficient Constitutional Appointments Authority in Seychelles to  raise the quality and standard of professionalism in respect of posts which the CAA is empowered to make proposals for appointment and exercise independence and fairness in dealing with complaints which may result in removal from office and contribute to the Rule of Law.

Mission Statement

The Constitutional Appointments Authority (CAA) is an independent body established by articles 139 and 140 of the Constitution of the Republic of Seychelles to

  • propose to the President suitable persons to be appointed as Master, Judges, Chief Justice, Justices of Appeal, President of the Court of Appeal, Auditor General, Attorney General, Members of the Electoral Commission, and the Ombudsman.
  • consider the question of the removal of Judges, Justices of Appeal, Ombudsman, Auditor General, Attorney General and members of the Electoral Commission for inability to perform their functions or for misbehavior.  It examines complaints and decides whether they are serious to justify the setting up of an Independent Tribunal to conduct the investigation and set out its findings and recommendations.

The CAA does this by the true and proper interpretation, application and implementation of the Constitution and the established rules of procedure.

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