The First Constitutional Appointments Authority was appointed on the 22nd September 1993. 

The following changes in respect of membership of the Authority were made over the period of 24 years of its existence.

Name Position Period appointed

Mr. France Bonte 


from 22nd September 1993 to 5th July 2007       

Mrs. Marlene Lionnet 



Mr. Zotique Pragassen 


from 22nd September 1993 up to 21st September 2000
Mr. Gabriel Hoarau Member from 22nd September 2000 to 1st August 2007

Mr. Jeremie Bonnelame 


from the 6th July 2007 to 1st July  2014

 Mrs. Marlenne Lionnet 


 Mr. Patrick Berlouis   Member  from 30th October 2007 to 29th October 2014

 Mrs. Marie Ange Hoareau


 From 26th November 2014 to 23rd April 2017

 Mrs. Marlene Lionnet 

 Member  (re-appointed)

 Until the 22nd May 2016

Mrs. Jane Carpin


from 3rd November 2014 to 23rd April 2017

Mrs. Marie Nella Azemia


from the 27th May 2016 until re-appointment  from the 24th April 2017 

Dr. Shelton Jolicoeur


from the 24th April to the 20th September 2017

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